Moryera Thorne, professional fangirl. There is nothing disturbing under the cuddly lavender shell. I promise. (Stop laughing.)

Image by Yrael, Icon by Leiansir


So okay, maybe I DON’T need to shave my head and move to Antarctica. That isn’t a trick of the light, though, my ends are still way too dark…but at least it doesn’t look as ridiculous as it did when my hair was still wet. And using some chestnut-colored shadow to fill in my eyebrows did a lot to make it look more natural. Well, as natural as brilliant rainbow orange gets.

  1. booksnchocolate said: whoa love it! :)
  2. steaming-cup-of-feather said: MORY I DIDN”T KNOW YOU WERE CUTE OH GOD HELP
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