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It is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month! 

I am a survivor myself so this is important to me. If anyone remembers, Ysebeau sported the colors all last September. :) I’m a little late this year but whatever, for the rest of the month all of my characters will be in pink, purple and teal! If you’d like to join me, whisper me and we can take screenshots together! :) 


Romantic rose letter

x lolita x fashion x


red girl blue bird (I want a little bird so badly)


Thank you for listening Starbucks.

Today, on the world boss train…


"Shit, its almost 2am and I have to get up early tomorr- today"
A novel by me




aqua does have a tumblr by the way tho i need to update it more; kudos to alphazi for running it most of the time

if u dont feel like reading it, since i think few folks know what AQUA is about we’re summed up as

  • officially a roleplay guild. all levels of rpers welcome as long as you hold interest in our guild story. we have both veteran and newbie rpers in here.
  • adventurers and mercenaries and scholars pretending to be shitty pirates. nearly all types of characters are welcome; the only limiter is that your aqua member character cant be aligned with/a member of a villain group such as nmc or bandits etc. but you dont necessarily have to be a protag to get in icly as long as it doesnt cause too much trouble in rp. aqua itself isnt really a protag guild we’re like neutral party overall.
  • indiana jones esque adventures coming to you in the near future. prepare for living story, open world, instance, dungeon, guild mission, and jumping puzzle roleplays.
  • we do lots of chatting about fun stuff and sylvari and lore and fashion
  • we do a ton of dungeons, mostly ta, a lot of folks also want to do coe literally all of the time
  • lots of pve and alt levelling
  • not actually a sylvari guild but we are literally 90% sylvari


commission of skyrimtyria's Hati channeling sum Burt Reynolds

speaking of norn enthusiasm…


the saga of triangle man



Children are not possessions.
Children are not accessories.
Children are not relationship band aids.
They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

Be kind to them.


if you’re reading this, your existence is valid and wonderful ok


do you think whoever was designing the default netflix avatar made a mistake somewhere but just sat there laughing at the result for so long that the whole design team decided to keep it